Vert Privacy Policy 

This is the privacy policy of the following website adresses. The Privacy Policy describes which personal data are collected and what they are used for. 

Which data do we collect?  
When you visit our website, we collect data regarding your device (computer/tablet/smartphone). These data typically include: 

  • Which cookies are saved 
  • Type of device 
  • Type of browser 
  • Time zone 
  • IP address 
  • Which pages you visit 
  • Where you came from 

To collect data, we use cookie technology, which entails small pieces of data that are stored on your device.  

How do we use these data?  
Device data: 
The data collected are used to protect ourselves from potential external attacks on our website and to improve our website in order to give you a better experience. 

For marketing ends, we may use the device data. The intention is to show ads that are relevant and engaging to the user and there also more valuable to publishers.  

Sharing your data: 
In order to carry out the above, we share your data with the following external platforms: 

  • DynamicWeb (to trace and prevent potential attacks from hackers and to improve the functionality of our website) 
  • Google Analytics (to see how you use our website and to improve your experience) 
  • Facebook tracking pixels (to improve and target our marketing). 

Why do we collect personal data? 
Registration of personal information is necessary if you book something from us in order to give you service messages about the booking. The information we collect for reservations and services are: name, e-mail, phone number and nationality. Information about nationality is for statistical purposes only.  

Payment and credit card details 
Our payment partner is Nets A/S and is validated against the highest standards of securing and safeguarding of card data. When a reservation is made through, the credit card details will be visible for us up to 10 days after your departure.  

To protect ourselves from false reservations, no-shows and unpaid bills, we may require that you add your credit card information when you make a reservation. Credit card will not be withdrawn unless of a no-show or unpaid bills and credit card information will be deleted afterwards.  

Contact and contact forms 
If you choose to use our contact form, your data will be stored in our back-end database and gathered in an email, which is sent to us subsequently. 

All data obtained through the website form are processed and evaluated at least once a year, and all inactive data are permanently deleted from our database.   

How do we protect your personal data? 
When you book with us, we use secure server software, which encrypts all the information you enter before it is sent to us. This encryption ensures that the information is appropriately protected against unauthorized interception. 

How long do we keep your personal data?  
If you want your personal data deleted, you are always welcome to contact us and we will make sure to delete the information about you in our system. We must however keep some personal data in our book keeping system for 5 years according to the law. If your profile has not been used or activated for 5 years, we will delete your personal data. 

Data protection 
The data protection for this website is: 

Ognartænastan Sp/F 

Hjalla 7B 

188 Hoyvík  

+298 205050 
VAT no. (V-tal) 658340 

Your rights 
You have the right to access all personal data which we collect from you. You may also request to have your data edited or deleted. If you wish to gain access to your personal data or to have your data edited or deleted, please send us an email at 

We strive to reply within 2 weeks of having received your request. 

In case of any questions, you are welcome to contact us at  

Our Privacy Policy gets updated when relevant changes arise. We recommend that you visit this website periodically to inform yourself of any updates to our Privacy Policy.  

Latest update 18-04-2023